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About our Network

The Network for Phenomenological Research (NfPR) aims at developing and promoting dialogues and inquiries that are inspired by a unique period in philosophy. This phase starts in Austria with the works of Bernard Bolzano, develops further via Franz Brentano and his school and extends to Phenomenology – especially in the form practiced by Edmund Husserl and by the members of the Munich and Göttingen Circles. Those philosophers developed fecund descriptions of a wealth of phenomena, which are supported by careful argumentation, conceptual analysis, and attention to empirical evidence. Importantly, many of these insights emerged as the result of a collaborative process of scientific and interdisciplinary exchange among peers.

The group of researchers involved in the NfPR intend to historically mine those philosophers’ insights, to systematically evaluate them, and to reactivate them in contemporary debates – in a manner consistent with the epistemic virtues embodied by their intellectual tradition. To reach these goals, the NfPR holds a biennial conference and is also engaged with initiating and supporting philosophical collaboration and dissemination related to its scope, aims, and rationale. The first conference of the NfPR took place in December 2017 in Munich on the occasion of Adolf Reinach’s Centennial (


If you share our interests and would like to be part of the NfPR, do not hesitate to contact us!

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